Price of Evil

Posted on March 21, 2012


may God forgive me 

I ran into your Mother at the store…

She said you have cancer and she wishes you would die already.

Normally, I would be absolutely disgusted to hear a woman say she wants to see her own son dead, but I’m not so quick to judge: After all, she isn’t the only one who feels this way about you.  Besides, I don’t even believe you have cancer…

Yea, I haven’t forgotten what a fucking liar you are.

While other people may fall for your manipulative bullshit, I know exactly what you’re capable of.

You see you cant attack me, hold my newborn and I hostage, brag you are going to kill us and where you plan to dump our bodies, how you intend to get away with it and expect me not to fight back.  You underestimated me, because you only prey on people who are smaller than you or defenseless and assumed if you tried to intimidate me, I would never tell anyone if I escaped…

Thought I’d never be able to stand up to you in court and watch them send you to prison…

Thought you would get away with violating the No-Contact Order when you got out by stalking my family, finding out where I live, breaking into my home, forcing me to sleep with you and stealing my car…

But you were wrong.

You may have made my life hell, but I am alive and now you are up shit creek;

You’ve got two strikes – You’re only one wrong move away from going to prison for life..

And now everyone knows what you’re about; How you also went to jail for Domestic Violence, beating your girlfriends, wife and abusing your children who you lost all custody of –  Not to mention your convictions for Assault, Arson, Robbery, Theft, Reckless Endangerment among others – Including that time you went to jail for Indecent Liberties with a Minor (your own cousin).

See I’ve learned a lot about you, more than you will ever know about me.

But I will share one little detail: When I close my eyes at night, My head fills up with graphic dreams about mutilating, torturing and murdering you.  While, I have no desire to act upon the images floating through my brain while I sleep, I guarantee if you ever break into my home again, You’ll end up in a morgue…

And your mother will get to plan that funeral she’s waiting for.


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