sweeper clock December 29, 2012
Nina by Popatik April 11, 2012

Stigma Ma

March 29, 2012



Numero Dodici – Something you never get compliments on: Being a Single Mom — I don’t believe parent’s deserve a reward just for creating offspring: But it seriously pisses me off the way single moms are treated like outcasts, While single dads are given a pat on the back just for taking care of their own […]

Odd Balls

March 27, 2012



Numero Undici – Something people seem to compliment you the most on: My Blue, Gray, Green… Gold Eyes? — Yup, they’re a little different. Some people think they’re gray or hazel, most say light green. My Driver’s License says blue. Doctor’s say I have Sectoral and Central “Heterochromia“ The image above is remarkably close to my eye […]

Grocery Store Flirt

March 26, 2012


French Pedi

I don’t know who’s more out of date, You, For trying to meet someone at the grocery store or Me, always forgetting other people still do this. — Am I getting old or did I just run into the drawback of a little too much Internet? I hope my writing this, doesn’t already answer that […]

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Without Further Ado

March 26, 2012



Numero Dieci – Someone you need to let go: P.B. — We were meant to be together We were however not forever We will live .

No Duck Sauce

March 24, 2012


Dae-Ji Bulgogi

But guess what? Mike_Reverb you are awesome sauce. I Thank You for your nomination. I enjoy reading your posts, thoughts, feedback and in kind, I would like to accept this award so I may utilize this post to nominate 15 blogs I follow for the One Mind Many Detours what was i thinking: married/divorced x 3 Halfway […]

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